half-term = half-done

Anyone else have trouble getting started after a break?  Crafting is my very much adored and needed creative outlet/substitute for therapy.  I do occasionally harbour ‘chutney dreams’ – maybe I could just give it all up and ‘make stuff’ for a living.  I mean everyone needs beautifully crafted scarves, right?  All I’d need is a unique product, a large marketing team, oh and some true skill and expertise. 

I digress.  I love making stuff but I do get distracted:

Yes, it was half-term in The Shire.  We donned our sou’westers and wellies and headed to the Jurassic Coast.  It was fab-u-lous.  I will not mention the unprecedented precipitation levels nor the leaky thatch.  Every thunderous downpour meant time snuggled up with the crochet:

This yarn has to be the most re-fashioned and least worn of all the yarn that I have in my stash.  First, it was lovingly divided into two and crafted into a single, extended double crochet, toe-up sock.  One sock.  When it dawned on me…  If I were to wear this sock I would be treading and sweating on this expensive yarn.  Away went the sock and into the cupboard went the yarn.  Years, and I do mean years, later I’m considering neck attire.  Since the holiday re-hash we are on to a third scarf-ly iteration and maybe, finally, I’m approaching a pleasing combination of colour placement, stitch and drape.  There is the niggling worry that I’ve not got enough yarn for a very long scarf.  Cowl anyone?

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