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tubes and strips – part one

Nope, not the name of a dodgy new night club… something that I found myself doing yesterday instead of finishing any of the things in my crafty queue.  Feels so naughty, like watching telly instead of revising.  Anyhoo, since re-discovering my passion for sewing I’ve been pondering what I can usefully do with the piles of very small scraps that I cannot bring myself to recycle.  Well, I found not one but two new uses!

Number one:  Sew Hung Up (*groan*)

This is my version of a fabric-covered hanger.  I hadn’t realised quite how cool this was going to be until I matched up the scrap covered hanger with the dress from whence the scraps came.   Hah!  Could this make things easier to find in the morning?  Would a fully coordinated closet be ‘too much’?

My initial inspiration was a book by Cabbages and Roses but I notice this morning that there is a similar recipe in the June 2012 Prima magazine.  Neither have the hook-hood that I thought might make the fabric more secure..  see what you think:

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Notes:  The rectangle that formed the hood was 4cms x 19 cms and it is a little on the loose side, you might want to size down here.  To cover my wire hanger I used five 2cms x 30 cms strips.  The fabric that I used was some Liberty lawn that doesn’t do the fraying thing, if you try a fabric with a tendency to fray you might want to try cutting the strips on the bias?


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