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tubes and strips – part two

Idea for scraps of fabric Number Two:  Tubular Belles (Even worse?  I certainly thought so!)

Necessity being the mother of invention I thought that perhaps it might be wise to have some me-made jewellery to help me through MMM12.  In Southern England it has after all been the wettest April in over 100 years, my stock of Summery frocks whilst perfect for OWOP might not be so excellent given the current forecast.  There was also the temptation to make something to match my self-drafted shift, which I still haven’t finished.  Did I mention that it’s been wet, too wet to want to sew a Summery lawn shift?  Other inspiration came from these wraps. Hmm, thinks I, I’m sure I could make something in the same fabric as my dress.  How do you think I did?

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Notes:  I started off with fabric strips 48 cms in length, 2 and 4 cms in width.  The finished bracelets are <1 cms and <2 cms in width.  My wrist measures 17 cms and I can wrap the bracelets twice around my wrist and comfortably slip them on and off.  You might need to adjust the length to match your own wrist/hand size/number of wrist wraps.

I wore my bracelets at work yesterday along with Audrey, I also tried a new technique – using the loop turner.  Yay!  I’m staying true to my MMM12 pledge.  Shall I leave you with a piccie of my best Py-Jammy Dodger?  I think that I will:

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