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Goth Gingham

Posting this, I’m as nervous as a Bake Off contestant approaching the Gingham Altar after a particularly gruelling technical challenge.


What will everyone think?  Will it be good enough for The Handshake.  You know, The Hollywood Handshake.  Sure, I start every make hoping to be worthy of such an accolade.  However, as things progress, you reach hurdles of a practical and philosophical nature.

Do I have enough fabric for some pocket improv?

Is gingham really me?


Gah!  There’s a choice to be made between good bum fit and good pattern matching.

Bum Fit

Instead of The Handshake, my sights are lowered to a “It looks a little informal but I bet that it tastes lovely” from Mary.


There is yet more self-doubt.  Have I made the best of that interesting hem feature and the double sided nature of the fabric?

Finally, I begin to doubt the entire escapade.  Checked trousers?  What was I thinking!  All these will be worthy of is a quip from Mel or Sue about how I’m wearing a Goth’s tablecloth.  At least it’ll make my fellow makers smile.  Oh, and I like them!  The trousers that is.  I also like my fellow makers.  In the weird Bake Off/Sewing Bee hybrid that is currently inhabiting my imagination, I’m not that sort of contestant.

In conclusion.  Thank you for organising a Ginghamalong Karen.  I enjoyed the challenge and I’m very much looking forward to seeing what everyone else has made – be they technical, signature or showstopper!

Smallest print:  As a special and exciting bonus for me, these trousers count towards my #VintagePledge2016. This is Make Eight.  Here are makes 76, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

24 thoughts on “Goth Gingham

  1. Awesome trousers, fabulous fabric (I want some!). What’s not to love? I made purple and black checked viscose trousers as a teen. A dream to wear and totally awesome, I still love seeing checked trousers, especially this size checks. So to me you new pair are on top shelf.

    1. Ah, thanks! I have a long-standing admiration of a colleague’s checked trews so I’m hoping they’ll be a good work trouser. I love the sound of purple and black checked trousers, I’d have loved some of those as a teen – and now!

    1. Thank you! I did sweat over the pockets as I didn’t really have enough fabric – I never have enough fabric – but I love pockets. And I wanted to try to get at least one element cut on the bias.

  2. Seriously, maybe not a full gingham trouser suit, but a black ponte jacket, using the Womens Realm pattern, would be great. What a fab pattern, have you made any of the other pieces? seriously I have a thing for these magazine patterns that far outweighs the posher varieties!!
    Love the trousers and yes, you do suit them!

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