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gnome-one has trousers like these


One could argue that gnome-one else would want trousers like these.  But in counter-argument I would say I care not a jot because I like them a lot!

A lot a lot.  I was sooo pleased to see them after the delayed-baggage-debacle.  If only the little garden gnomes could talk they could tell me where they spent those nine nights…  Baggage reclaim, lost luggage, Heathrow, JFK, Boston Logan International ….  I suspect that only the gnomes will ever know what really happened during that week and they have been suspiciously silent on the subject.

The only thing better than garden gnome trousers?  Garden gnome trousers and a matching top.


All the look of an all-in-one without the hassle of totally undressing to take a tinkle.  The top is based on this Betsey Johnson pattern:


Fancy a gnome-y close up?  Fair warning, they are quite enchanting and there are more gnomes that need a home.



I think that’s a pretty neat neckline given that knit necklines are my nemesis.  On this occasion I would like to record…  moderate success. Moderate success by way of a turn under and stick with Prym Wonder Tape, followed by a wide-as-it’ll-go triple step zig-zag.


As you can no doubt tell from my joyful expression, these gnomes make me very happy.  All the more so because they count towards my #vintagepledge.  That’s Pledge Number 7.  Here’s where you can find 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

8 thoughts on “gnome-one has trousers like these

  1. I agree that this is a super outfit. The colours are really nice. Sometimes these novelty prints don’t look very cool at a distance, but this one succeeds – near and far.

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