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Operation Orange #VintagePledge

Would you intervene if you thought that my obsession with all things orange was out of control?  I’ve banged on before about my passion for pumpkin, my craze for carrot, my tangerine tomfoolery.  It’s ongoing.  Orange with everything!


That’s me shamelessly using something botanical to legitimise my colour choice.  Perhaps I need to add another reason to pick such a gloriously gaudy shade?  How about a trip to The Netherlands where orange (and indeed oranje) is BIG?

Have you been to The Netherlands?

Why, yes I have, thank you so very much for asking.

Does that post box look a teesnsy bit damp to you?  Wry smile.  Although I am at pains to point out that we had a truly lovely few days near Eindhoven, the weather was apocalyptic.  Jake Gyllenhaal taking shelter in the New York Public library apocalyptic.  Thunder, lightning, plenty of localised flooding.

Good job I’d made me something long-sleeved.


What a delightful expression I have on my wrinkly old mug.  Can you see why I mostly crop my face out of photos?  Let’s focus our attention on the top.  It’s this:


With a few modifications.  I didn’t bother with gathered cuffs or a drawstring bottom and I popped in a short zip rather than a full zip.


I did curse myself for that last design choice as the wrong side of the zip was then visible… which meant that I felt the need to beautify the zip tape with home made bias binding.

These sort of ad-hoc design decisions add hours to a project and I utterly resented myself for it at the time.  Now, it’s one of my favourite features.  It’s the sort of detail that would make me look twice at a ready-to-wear top.  Sounds like I ought to be taking some sort of life lesson from that.

There we are then my lovelies.  Something over-the-head in orange for my fourth #VintagePledge.

In case you have missed them , there has been:

a black shirt for my third pledge

purple pants for my second pledge and a

zebra jacket for my first pledge.

What could possibly be next?


22 thoughts on “Operation Orange #VintagePledge

    1. Thanks! It’s the pockets that made me buy the pattern. I’d love to do a top in tartan with contrasts as in the envelope image but I cannot find the right fabric. Still, it’s an excuse to carry on browsing for fabric.

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