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New Look 6483 – I saw this and thought of you

IMG_2068Browsing in the magazine aisle of my local superstore I saw someone that I recognised but couldn’t quite place.  They were well out of context you see.  You know the feeling.  You’re at frozen foods before you realise that the person that you have just waved cheerily to was in fact the nurse who conducted your last smear test and the reason that she didn’t respond in kind is that she probably doesn’t recognise your face.

Where were we?  Oh yes, who did I see in magazines if it wasn’t the Practice Nurse?  In the crowd of crafty periodicals I spotted my old friend New Look 6483.  New Look 6483 is to be found free alongside the latest edition of Sew Style & Home.  I enjoyed sewing New Look 6483 and I haven’t yet told you that, so I’m here to correct my omission in the hope that if it takes your fancy you might avail yourself of a copy.

Here’s my first bash, View D in a leftover of grey slubby silky something:

New Look 6483 View D
New Look 6483 View D

Size 8 at the top grading to size 10 at the bottom, finished with bias binding rather than facing.

I admit to being searingly underwhelmed when the last stray thread had been snipped but, on reflection, this has been a stalwart separate.

Looking at the fit of the grey I figured that a nip and a tuck from the back neck would be required should there be a Mark II… Which there was:

New Look 6483 View C
New Look 6483 View C

View C in Liberty Tana Lawn, using facing not binding.

Do you see improvement in the fit at the back neck?  I think that I do.  I also think that I was at one time in search of a sleeveless shell.  I’m not sure that I need to look elsewhere.  New Look 6483 has several neckline options and asks for a metre of fabric*.  What more might I want?!

Finally, much thanks to my kind neighbour who, when clearing out, found this pattern and though of me.

*I got away with less, but I have a lackadaisical attitude to layout and I often thumb my nose at pattern matching


8 thoughts on “New Look 6483 – I saw this and thought of you

  1. This is a proper librarian staple – I also made 2 of these and wore them all the time (mine were less profesh looking though, one was Minnie Mouse red with large white polka dots and the other was grey with large black birds on it. Sounds nicer than it actually was!) Loved them. Yours look great, and much better fabric choices than mine!

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