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Is this normal?

Dear Sewsan, 

I sometimes wonder if the choices that I make are a little unusual.  Not many other people seem to make the things that I do.  I worry that I’m not doing sewing properly.  Do other people do the same things as my machine and me?

Take this latest sewalong sundress.  It a bit different to the one I made earlier.


It’s from a Burda pattern, which is a relatively unusual choice.  Even though this is one of those patterns in an envelope just like other patterns, you don’t have to trace it if you don’t want to and it has seam allowances and everything.  

There’s something else though.  What makes my sundress even weirder is –  I made it with a knit fabric.  There I said it.  I haven’t shocked you have I?  Is that the strangest thing that anyone has ever told you?  I wouldn’t be surprised.  It’s just that it felt right and if it feels right it can’t be wrong.  Can it?  Yes, the collar is a little soft, but I like it like that.

Please tell me, is this normal?

Confused, near Banbury.

Dear Confused,

Oh my love, I am not shocked.  The things that I could tell you if only there was not a totally binding confidentiality clause in my contract.  Let us not risk any unforeseen revelations, let us turn to your problem.

What is normal?  Now that is a jolly enormous question.  As far as I am aware we are all gloriously unique.  If you are using a knit fabric in a pattern that is designed for wovens and it feels right for you, I say go for it.  The world would be a terribly dull place if we all made the same things as everyone else.  Try your best not to compare yourself to others.  If it is in the context of a stable and caring relationship, if both you and your machine are happy and you are staying within the law of the land where is the harm?  Just remember that if you and Singer or Brother or whomever (in your letter you do not mention a name) are venturing into new territory again, invest in a safe word.  It can save no end of mess and embarrassment.

Remember my sweet, always stabilise a shoulder seam and reinforce a gusset.

Warmest regards,

Auntie Sewsan

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