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Can this be anything other than a holiday romance?

Dear Sewsan,

I’m worried and I don’t know who to turn to for advice.  I met this fabulous pattern whilst on a short break to the Jurassic Coast.  Have you been?  It’s breathtaking there, we stayed close to West Bay – where Broadchurch was filmed – you know, Olivia Colman and David Tennant?

Anyway, there we were.  There this pattern was.  I was beguiled.  I was tempted.  I responded to its siren call.  Margo, you will be mine.


Each and every night of that vacation I tended the envelope, I imagined what might become of us once we were home.  Would we feel differently?

I know what you’re thinking Sewsan.  It didn’t last the week, I tired of Margo before the last paddle at sunset.  Well, it wasn’t like that.  Our affaire de coeur lasted the journey home.  It lasted through fabric choice.  It lasted through modification and construction.  This is no mere toile!  This is the real deal.  I love her.

But!  Will it last?  I have doubts about whether she is really for me.  Her legs flare.


Her fabric is from a far off land very different to my own, it’s cheap and it faded in the pre-wash.  Despite all this, j’adore.

I’m so conflicted.  My head asks – Is she practical?  Is she everyday?  When the sun finally sets on our summer will she become a nuisance, will I discard her?  My heart says…  you know what my heart says!

What am I to do?


Worried, Nr. Oxford.

Dear Worried,

Thank you for your lovely letter.

I am not sure that my readers are strong enough to bear the raw emotion of the 6,000+ words of your re-telling of this all too familiar tale so I have only included the highlights above.  Rest assured that I did indeed read every. single.word.

In my reply I will try to be similarly concise.  Dearest garment maker we have all felt the intensity of immediate attraction that you describe so vividly.

Sometimes it is a pattern that begs to be bought, other times it is fabric that falls into our online shopping cart.  Some of these beloveds will slot into our lives and we will not know how we survived without them, others will bring a brief spark of joy but then they are forgotten.

For now, I suggest that you take things slowly.  One day at a time.  Certainly do not make any firm commitments such as cutting out the fabric for the bodice.

Wishing you love and lace trimmings from the finest haberdasheries,

Auntie Sewsan



14 thoughts on “Can this be anything other than a holiday romance?

    1. Oh, goodness, dare I?! I once wore a charity shop Charlie’s Angels style jumpsuit to the first library that was foolish enough to employ me. It was only the once mind you as it received considerable attention!

  1. I love the fabric and have a similar (small) piece. I always think with jumpsuits and maxi dresses you need to use a showy fabric. Great. Wear it everywhere, I say.

    1. They might get their first outing today, I hope that I’m up to the challenge. I do feel that I’ll need a certain level of swagger – yes I’m wearing scarlet, floral flares, what of it?

  2. Wow… this could be me. I too have fallen to the sirens call of a pattern or a fabric. Sometimes the love remains… other times it fades. Sigh. I hope yours just grows in intensity. The fabric is beautiful and that pattern is EXACTY what would have called to me even though I am pretty sure no one has ever seen me in flowy pants! I WISH they had though! Then it would not cause a commotion if I wore them!

  3. I’m a firm believer in the Pop piece. Ok, I can see a tank and cardigan combo over this white on white perhaps? Gracious, did I advocate subtly? I must go nap now. Seriously, I love them, wear them!!!!

  4. love this post!!! Great format and so relatable – I frequently fall in love with fabrics and patterns and then sew them up wondering ‘are they really me?!’. But you know what they say, ‘better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all’ 😉 I say go for the bodice!! Enjoy your sewing!!!

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