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Pockets for Pleasure

Good Evening dear reader, may I ask you a question?  Does making make you happy?  Making makes me happy.  So much so that I have quite a few things on the go here at Start-A-Project-Central.  There’s a bit of knitting :

IMG_5907It’s a scarf and it’s a bit longer than this now but I have yet to reach the half way mark and I’ve stalled rather.  Mid-project ennui.  C’est la vie.  There’s no point in forcing these things, it’s supposed to be enjoyable?

There’s a strong urge to pick up a hook and fashion some more woolly eggs.  I really want some more woolly eggs.


I’d also like to start a granny square blanket and maybe some socks.  I know that I am really serious about the blanket because I’ve done a test square and ordered crochet hooks in the two sizes up from the one I used for the swatch.

Lovely as all these yarny things are, what has really been making my heart sing is this:


A trouser pocket.  From yet another pair of Simplicity 3850.

Try as I might I could not work out why the blue bed sheet and the scrap of Liberty Strawberry Thief in fuchsia and lime was making me smile so.  That was until today when I was gazing longingly at my neighbour’s cherry tree beginning to blossom against the backdrop of a crisp blue sky:  These colours remind me of spring!  And spring with its lengthening days and its buds and its blossom makes me happy.  So happy that I had to capture the moment to share with you, wobbling precariously at the top of the climbing frame I took these:

If you’ve just had the other equinox, here’s something to remind you of the pleasures of that season too:


Whatever the weather and whatever the season where you are I hope that you are well.  And happily crafting.  Px.



5 thoughts on “Pockets for Pleasure

  1. Bravo – you have captured my feelings completely. Cherry blossom against a blue sky – I actually see this when I come out of my basement flat and cross the road. It is so cheerful and beautiful. You trouser pocket is something I would love. Time to start thinking about casting off the woolies, the bulky jackets, the thick tights and boots and shedding the dark, dirty colours. Oh yes…

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