Sewing · Simplicity 3850

Ash, azure, battleship

blue (greyhound), cadet, carbon, charcoal, cinereous, Davy’s, dim.

Dolphin, dove, dun, elephant’s breath,


eigengrau, fuscous, gainsboro, glaucous, granite, gray.

Gris, gun-metal, iron, jet, lavender, lead, midnight, mouse, neutral, obsidian.

Oil, oyster, Payne’s, pearl, petrel, platinum, puce, rocket metallic, salt and pepper, silver.

Slate, smoke, Spanish, steel, stone, stormcloud, taupe, thunder, timberwolf, whale.

That was Fifty Shades of Grey.  


Salutations sewing siblings, are you here for a sewing story?


Here I am this time last year looking rather eccentric (my children’s words) in Simplicity 3850 Mark Two, The Grey Flannel Version:  My first attempt at dispensing with the fly front.  Mark One were also grey.  Mark Three have a slightly better fit.  There may be a Mark Four in my future as I find grey trews jolly useful.  This pair have had that much wear that they are showing signs of wear.  Which is brilliant.  Why is it brilliant?  It’s brilliant because I have worn them.  Because I no longer even consider trying to buy ready-to-wear trousers because I understand my body shape (short legs, big bum) and how it does not conform to any ready-to-wear ‘standard’.  Even with my fledgling fitting skills trousers that I make are a better fit than any ready-to-wear I have ever owned.

Do you have tried and true (TNT) trews?  Let me know, maybe I can give them a try.


For my irreplaceable Dad who died at the end of January.  

Sharing terrible jokes and showing you the things that I have made are two of a multitude of things that I already miss.

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