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What to make for a Sporty Summer Sewathon? A participant/spectator dichotomy.

Are you taking part in part in Karen’s Sporty Summer Sewathon?  Say you are!  They’re always bags of fun! I’m taking part and I have been musing muchly on what my particular makes might be.  My first thought was culottes, something that had been on ‘the list’ (you know, The List.  The constantly evolving inventory of things that you are going to make. The List that keeps getting added to and rarely gets taken away from, you know that List) since last summer. Last summer I’d even got as far as placing pattern pieces onto fabric when I don’t know, something stayed my hand.  It probably started raining and thus, the craft cupboard claimed the culottes.

That is until this week.  This week I cut out the culottes!


The pattern is New Look 6626 which was without its very 80s looking envelope and the fabric is something striped from a charity shop bargain bin.

All well and good says you, but what’s all this about a dichotomy?

It’s like this.  I love the idea of the culottes and they will get made and they will be sport friendly.  It’s just that I suspect that they might get more use in my role as spectator.  That being the case I had a good think about what I like doing sport-wise.  It wasn’t a long think because I am not very sporty but it was a good think.  Do you know what my conclusion was?  My conclusion was that very soon I was going to be doing a secret sporty thing and this secret sporty thing required the wearing of long sleeves and do you know what?  It is a very long time since I have made anything wearable that has long sleeves.  I know!  How lax is that?  What am I going to do about this?  Here’s a visual clue:


There we are then, you now know my cunning plans for the Sporty Summer Sewathon: culottes for spectatoring in and long sleeves for a secret sporty thing.

What about you?  Are you a participant or a spectator?  Or is this all a load of old nonsense (er, yes!), there is no dichotomy, we are all participants and spectators.

Wishing you every happiness in your sewing whether it’s for a sporty summer or not.



2 thoughts on “What to make for a Sporty Summer Sewathon? A participant/spectator dichotomy.

  1. oo, I like your culottes.. I too do no sporty things, so I thought I’d make something for daughter No2 using one of my vintage patterns. I’m definitely more of a spectator than a participant!

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