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Three word stories for my third Me-Made-May

Cute wildlife picture.




Stories of three words.  Give it a chance, it’s a learning tool I picked up, although now I come to think about it, it was in fact six word stories.  Maybe I’ll call them three word statements.

During Me-Made-Made-14 I wore:  School run stuff. 

It’s all dreadfully practical.  It has to withstand bicycle maintenance, grass stains and household cleaning products.  I need to try harder to stop it being VERY DULL.

During Me-Made-May I made:  Barely a thing.

What with half-term and asynchronous INSET days it feels as if the children are hardly at school.

Most important revelation of Me-Made-May-14:  More home stuff. 

As in, I need more me-made home clothes.  I have a ludicrously low number of contracted work work hours and I need to turn my attention to home work.  It’s the conclusion that I’ve seen others come to and it’s one that I need to embrace – create for the life that I live.  That exotic life of chain fixing, lawn mowing and loo cleaning.  Some years ago my friend and I were chatting about our (then young) children’s total lack of existential angst.

“For Poppy*,” my friend said,

“it’s a good day if she gets to wear her pink, sparkly shoes.”

Too right young Poppy, let’s dress joyfully every day.

Today is a good day because I’m wearing this:



My Wine Waiter top that I thought that I hated.  It turns out that I don’t hate it, yay, it’s a good day!

What about those trousers?  My denim capris? 

Yes, those, did you make them? Yes, I did.

Are they new?  Yes they are. 

Do you  like them?  No, I don’t.

What’s wrong with them? Where to start?

At the beginning?  Colour, cut, construction.

What about Poppy and your new mantra?  Dress joyfully daily?

Yes, that one.  I’m very fickle.

Can you stop talking in three word statements?  Don’t think so.

Shall we end there?  Might be best.


* Nope, not her real name.

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