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I’m a little bit denim.

Which with all due respect to Donny and Marie is both Country and Rock ‘n’ Roll.   Although not on me.  On me denim is.. everyday.


And to my astonishment, it’s something that I have reached for almost every day of Me Made May.  It’s a workhorse of a fabric coping with all but the most filthy of household chores.  It also passes the ‘presentable at the school gate’ test which is more important than you might think.  Although nothing can help you on that front if you have just headbutted a dead tree in a freak gardening incident and have a two inch by one inch graze on your forehead and are then asked in to chat to the class teacher.  I mean I suppose I could have put a plaster on it?  Or worn a hat?  Neither of which would have stopped me having to explain why I looked such a wreck.  I digress.  Denim.

The denim-y details?

1.  A skirt that began life as my first ever trousers of denim way back in 2012, two whole Me Made Mays ago.  The original fit of the trouser leg was wrong in a way I can’t articulate, the result of which I can:  They were rarely worn.  After hacking off some length, undoing the inside leg seams and re-doing the centre front and centre back seams I have a skirt that gets worn loads.  Yay me!

2.  Some trousers that are almost but not entirely Simplicity 3850.  I’ve been hacking my pattern pieces about because front flies and I are not friends.  So this is Simplicity 3850, with a side zip that is almost but not entirely concealed.


There are also no false back pocket flaps and there has been some considerable jiggery pokery with the yoke pieces.  I have nearly 10 inches (25 cms) difference between my waist and my hip measurements and I have come to the conclusion that this is one of the reasons that I find fitting to this region of my bod very tricky. What say you of the fit kind ladies and sirs?

Having provided me with both a skirt and a pair of trousers there is still more of the denim in the cupboard (it was a charity shop find).  I’m thinking, 3/4 length narrow legged capri style trews, using the other side of the fabric.  You know what else I’m thinking?  I still love libraries


and I love denim.



5 thoughts on “I’m a little bit denim.

  1. I wish I knew how to help you with your trouser-fitting issues. Do you have a pair of shop-bought trousers that fit the way you want them to? You could lay one pair on top of the other, inside out, and compare the shapes…? Or is your fabric too soft? Or are your trousers actually fine and I am just trying to look for a problem because you have suggested there might be one…?! If I saw you in the supermarket I would NOT think “OMG that woman’s trousers don’t fit properly!”

    1. I think that the photos don’t do them justice, I think that the fit isn’t too bad. I spend a lot of time looking at other women’s trousers in supermarkets and thinking ‘well, they’re shop bought trousers and actually they have creases and stress lines and I don’t know WHAT I’m worried about’. As to a pair of shop bought trousers that fit. Oh my goodness, there in lies a life-long search. Am I the only woman with legs less than 30 inches long? I think not! But given the number of pitying looks that I’ve had from shop assistants you’d think that I was utterly deformed and had no right to even consider finding a pair of jeans that fit my waist, my bum AND my legs. Any advice re fitting or good brands for stumpy legs and big bums gratefully received!

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