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I hope that you like it…

…because I have already cut out another.


Family Circle Exclusive Pattern No. 11:

she of the bound buttonholes


  • I raised the height of the pinafore at the centre back as I wanted to be able to wear it without a little something underneath.
  • I substituted a zip for the button closure.
  • I graded in at the top as I’m more 32 than 34.
  • I lined it.  The fabric was a lucky find in a charity shop bargain bin, it wasn’t labelled and if I had to guess i’d say it was woolly, tweedy even.



Look, look, look!  I sewed on the yellow button with red thread and the red button with pink thread.  You know what else?  That fabric has hairs.  Meaning?  Meaning, this dress has the honour of being the only dress that I don’t have to de-cat hair before going to work, it already has hairs!

Penny Pinafore x

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