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The Big Midrib Scarf – free pattern

IMG_2497Craft this scarf using 12 mm needles and 200g Chunky weight yarn.  I used Toft Wool/Alpaca mix in Camel.

Step 1 – Using 12 mm needles cast on 11 stitches

Step 2 – knit 1 row, turn

Step 3 – This is the Right Side, begin pattern:

::: right side row – Slip first stitch knit-wise, knit 9, slip last stitch knit-wise.

::: wrong side row – Purl 1, knit 4, purl 1, knit 4, purl 1.

Step 4 – Keep going until scarf is desired length, cast off.

Here’s a link to the pattern info. on Ravelry.


This is a free pattern.  Please let me know if you make a version or if you find any mistakes.  This is my intellectual property, don’t use the pattern to your commercial advantage without asking first and then, you know, gaining permission.   I retain the moral right to be identified as the author.

2 thoughts on “The Big Midrib Scarf – free pattern

    1. It was designed to protect my better half on his bicycle/train/tube commute, after a few iterations the final version seems to have been well received. Family are the harshest critics!

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