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High/Low – a game we like to play

How was your day?
High – well, finding that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was pretty cool.
Low – I could have done without falling down the abandoned mineshaft.

Translates brilliantly to sewing too, thanks to Crafting A Rainbow.


I’m going to use the sometimes controversial  ‘Boss’ scale to rate these:

Like A Boss – Hugo Boss – Boss Hogg


Top left to bottom right we have the:

I wear all of these loads and I rate them all at a level between Hugo Boss and Like A Boss.  In the spirit of self-knowledge I would say the reason that they are successful is that they suit my body shape.  I am all angles on the top and rounded at the bottom.  I favour a slim fitted rear and gathers, shaping and general attention-drawing-enhancements at the top.


Some of these are almost too painful to discuss in public.  Again top left to bottom right:

  • Circle Skirt – now, she received a lot of blog love but I couldn’t get on with the colour.  I dyed her Pebble Beige (what was I thinking?), and she know lives un-ironed and un-loved in the airing cupboard.
  • Ill-advised top-stitching.  The dress turned out all right in the end but this photo serves to remind me that not all fitting issues can be fixed by top-stitching.
  • Denim trousers.  Just feel like the dorkiest of dorks in these, so bad I don’t even blog about the attempts to remedy the fit/style problems.  Maybe they need to be a skirt?
  • Re-fashion fails.  It’s taken me a while to accept these as fails but it they don’t get worn I guess it tells me something.  Totally at the Boss Hogg end of the ‘Boss’ Scale.

Let’s finish with one of my favourite photos of the year!

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