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Step Away from the Seventies.


What *is* my problem?  The women on the pattern envelope could have stepped straight from the rough-to-the-touch pages of my Bunty, Judy or Misty magazines.  Well maybe not Misty as that was a little darker, the strap line on the envelope would have had to read ‘Little did Taffy know, the ring was bewitched’.

Why am I drawn to these?  Heck knows and who cares?  Let’s be free to sew from whatever era we choose!  Here are the stats:

Style 3753, size 12, bust 34, dated 1972.

Firsts for me

  • French darts.
  • Sewing with flannel.

Things that you will have seen before

  • Liberty scraps (from worn and washed) used as hem and neck-line binding.
  • Going sleeve free (essential for the sauna that doubles as my library-shaped place of work).

Things that I have learned

  • Making french darts: pin, tack, sew, *swear, unpick, pin, tack, sew again *repeat from here until you can bear no more.
  • Flannel does not fray, yay!
  • Do not insert an ordinary zip in as if it were an invisible zip, particularly don’t do this four times before you work out why the zip refuses to disappear neatly into the seam line.
  • I hearty-heart patch pockets.

The finished product?

S’far from perfect but it’s all right with a cardie.

Knitting next I think.

9 thoughts on “Step Away from the Seventies.

  1. Such a cool pattern – my favourite bits are the sleeves! 🙂 The flannel works well in this, and the little contrast touches are fab. I love the excesses of 70s design, take the sleeve as prime example! It’s all cool man.. 😉

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