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In praise of pyjamas.

There’s something wonderfully egalitarian about jim jams.  Of an evening I bet even The Queen can be found padding about her palaces in slouchy pants and novelty slippers. Admittedly her trews are likely fashioned from Royal Stewart Tartan and her slippers are monster feet with claws of real gold. I wonder if Her Majesty has ever sewn her own PJs?  Queen Victoria used to crochet.  Mind you if either of these women pitched up at the Pyjama Party today it wouldn’t be such a relaxed, trans-continental affair.  I can’t see either monarch thwacking a piñata, playing Truth or Dare or arguing over which film to watch first.  Well, maybe I can imagine that last one.  Talking of guests… Dream PJ Party guest?  You can choose from the whole of history and from any fictional universe.  Seeing as I sewed for sprogs and my husband reads this blog {you out of bed yet?!} it would be clumsy to nominate Sir Gorgeous of Clooney.  I’m thinking we need a good storyteller and/or someone to cook.  Hmmm.

What did I make?  Well, yes, now you come to mention it, I did rustle up an item or three.  Now, where are they?  Right, who left them hanging about in the garden?

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A little something floral for the ♀ a little something plain for the ♂.  I haven’t done much to dismantle any gender stereotypes here.  Be reassured that there was an element of free choice.  He can totally carry off pink, patterned and lace strewn and she can rock black.  Any road up.  Karen, thanks for another fab Sewalong.

Pyjama Party – Tofino Style!
Into Karen’s pad we pile.
In pyjamas presentable
selecting comestibles delectable
swapping sewing secrets with a smile.


26 thoughts on “In praise of pyjamas.

  1. A poem!!! Fantastic. And oh, that pretty pretty combination of liberty lawn and lace. Be still my beating heart. You’ve made some fantastic things here. Thank you so much for taking part.

  2. Good one! Jammies are always good. I wish it was ok to wear them outside the house! That’s some good sewing you got going on!

  3. What a lovely top as well! Very delicate, I aspire to such delicacy, I tend to end up with much more boisterous pattern and trim choices

  4. This is the first time I’m coming by your blog, thanks to Karen’s sew-a-long. I love your style of writing and your projects came out lovely – I’m going to see what else you’ve done!

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