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clutching at straws

Well it is very late into Me Made May 13.

that's one saggy crown
that’s one saggy crown

A much-loved but elderly hat .  My MMMay13 Makeover Pledge.   A needle, some thread, me reading specs and the late-night-light of an angle poise lamp.   Et voilà!

all sewn up
all sewn up

There are a few more sun-drenched afternoons in the old girl after all.  She might be slightly frayed at the edges and frankly a little crumbly if handled roughly but I could say the same about myself and I’m not ready to be recycled just yet.  Oh dear, and now I’m thinking about where I’d be if this was Logan’s Run.  I would have had to escape Carrousel (sic) more than a decade ago.  I like to imagine that I would be living happily with Peter Ustinov and all those cats.  I’d probably be sewing.  Or starting a library.  Or both.  Hmm, yes, I’ve gone off on a bit of a tangent there.  The Hat:

Couldn't resist a little Liberty embelishment
couldn’t resist a little Liberty embellishment
turns out, neither could the cat
turns out, neither could the cat

And not one, but two uses for the Liberty print.

Look!  It doubles as a headband
Look! It doubles as a headband

Note to self:  You must pay more attention to your backdrops my dear.  That headband head shot?  You haven’t quite managed to quite crop out the wheelie bins.  If ‘crop out’ is even a bone fide phrase.

2 thoughts on “clutching at straws

    1. Thanks! I’m not sure that they are all constructed in the same way. This was basically a strip of straw ‘fabric’ that wound around and around creating the crown. It was easy to sew back together.

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