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Big Ends and Red Noses

As in *sharp intake of breath from car trade professional* “Yeah love, the trouble is you see, your Big End ‘az gawn.”   The diagnosis of doom for any beloved ancient auto.  And whilst I have very recently had to trade in a venerable vehicle, it is not of cars that I speak.  I speak of my much loved sewing machine.  She, for although she has no name, she is a she, is broken.  Properly, six months out of warranty, in a queue at the repair shop broken.  A seized drive wheel.  A 2-3 week wait for a quote.  I’m hoping to have her home before Easter. Oh!  The longing and the loss.  I miss you little machine.  I knew that you were useful.  I knew that we were spending more and more time together but I had no idea how high up my list of domestic essentials you were.  Come home soon.

big hook, little hook
big hook, little hook

It’s with fabric and needle I would play

but my beloved machine is away.

So with red wool, two hooks

and a pattern from a book

I’ll work on a rug this Red Nose Day

Triceytops atop
Triceytops atop

2 thoughts on “Big Ends and Red Noses

  1. Hello Pennylibrarian; just found your blog. I don’t know in which country you live, but if my sewing machine broke 6 months out of warranty, I would make a strong case for it to be fixed free of charge, as goods sold should be fit for purpose and one can expect a sewing machine to last much longer than 1 year! Get advice from your national consumer organisation.

    1. I took her to the shop where I bought her and they did the repair. Well, I say repair, I think that she really just needed a service, it wasn’t as drastic as I first thought. She was 6 months out of a two year warranty and I hadn’t had it serviced in that time so I suppose I felt that I was in some way to blame. I do think that I would like some sort of mileometer on my machine, that way I could judge when she was due for a service as I have no idea how to measure usage!

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