Crafty Queue

Crafty Queue

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So what’s happening here at Procrastination Central?

There’s another iteration of the Araucania yarn. Turns out that I was right all along, there wasn’t enough for a wide scarf so a skinny scarf of circles is the way forward.

Lurking increasingly menacingly in the corner of the living room is the not-yet-a-rug and tucked at the back of the corner cupboard is the might-eventually-be-a-bookmark.

The spots represent my hacked about version of Burda 7605. I lack the skills to go this far off-road. It was too low-cut for an old hag like me so I added a modesty panel, sleeves and a tie neck. I was too lazy to put in a zip so I made it large and threw in some shirring and the pièce de résistance? Choosing scratchy curtain lining fabric for the interior which constantly exfoliates the wearer. Maybe I should patent that idea? Anyways, it is destined to be cropped into a top, or a skirt. Can’t decide.

Finalement a skirt pattern about which I am currently obsessing. It’s a glorious celebration of the 1970s and it might just pop to the top of the pops queue.

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