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Dashing through some re-fashions

First up a dress that was trying too hard became a skirt that has seen a lot of library action.  It even engendered one of my all time favourite unsolicited compliments:  “Boden?”  I’d re-visit the dress – Simplicity 2404 – as it’s a great pattern and I’ve done the hard work of choosing which boob and bum bits fit my frame: Small up top, generous down below (too much info?)

Second, one of my first forays back into home-made which must be 4 years old, gosh that Liberty lawn is robust.  This simple Sew Hip shirred-tube pattern was hanging about forlorn and un-worn.  The transformation to top is not entirely successful to my mind.  Tucked out it’s a little too ‘dental technician’ and tucked in it’s a bit ‘meh’.  It’s a shame ‘cos I’m a tucked out kind of girl.  And the collar!  I can’t even begin to describe the emotional scars that collar has caused.  It was so blooming tricky to incorporate into my pattern that I’m not sure I can bear the thought of even looking at the other two in my stash.

So I’d have to give them 8/10 – carry on sewing gal and 5/10 – taking liberties.  What say yous?


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