Jersey Journey

1.  Anticipation and Planning

Maybe my most favourite stage.  Matching the material to the pattern.  Having a neat pile of pattern pieces waiting patiently with the pattern instructions, the envelope for inspiration, some bright thread and perhaps a button or two.

2.  The Reality Gap

The point where the image in my head collides with the reflection in the mirror.  A partially made garment hanging awkwardly off my frame, dangling long, loose threads and threatening to end my sewing career.  In this make the low point was definitely the crisis of confidence around the collar.  Why did I merge the neckline from Views 1&2 with the body of View 3?  Oh my gosh did ladies in the 70s like feeling  strangled?

3.  Rescue and Recovery

Ah-ha.  What is quickly becoming a signature folded back neckline might just work.  Perhaps this make is not destined for the recycling bag and perhaps I’m justified in my continued seamstress-ness.

4.  The Finish Line

Ta-dah!  Relief, joy (possibly), a licking of wounds (almost always) and perhaps some reflection on what I might do better next time.

And there will be a next time.  Like all births, the truly hideous part in the middle is best and thankfully, by biologically imperative, always, forgotten.

Keep on sewing!


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