work in progress

The big reveal

Or, as I’ve already been (very happily) rumbled, more of a little reveal of a big thing:  It’s a rug.  Well, part of a rug.  A rug in progress.  She’s atop another colossal crochet creation that adorns our living room floor and is much loved by cats and kids alike.

The idea for creating on this scale came from meeting Rachel John at an Ally Pally Knitting and Stitching Show.  You’ll need a lot of yarn so I recommend scouting charity shops for discarded machine knitting cones.  These come in huge lengths and can be fairly cheap.  If you choose to work with a broad palette of colours I would try to ensure that you have enough of one of the colours to see you through from the beginning of the piece to the end – it seems to lend more visual continuity.

To get an idea of scale, I’m using a 19mm hook and the equivalent of 8 strands of double knit at once.  You may find that as you run out of certain yarns you have to adjust the exact number of working strands, substituting one chunky for a couple of double knits for example.  I’ve aimed to keep the gauge as consistent as possible throughout.

As to the pattern?  The first rug was based on a circular doily, basically it’s a pie shape with a 9 section repeat.  The rug in progress is a super-sized hexagonal granny square.  Next on the list is a heart shape.  At my work rate however you might have to wait until 2013 for a picture of that one.

I do hope that you are enjoying the WIP Pitch.  I know that I am, can that really be a bra?!

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