Jumping the Crafty Queue – MMM’12 Week 3

Do you ever find that some makes are a long time coming?  Perhaps they require thought and reflection or several major stages of development.  Maybe they just involve many repeated motifs that if you did them in one go would give you a nasty repetitive strain injury.  Anyone else ever thought that they might have crochet elbow ?  Yes, I’ve made that term up; yes I do think I’m in danger of developing such a thing should it actually exist.  Or of course it could be that, like me, you are a King or Queen of Procrastination and some makes just take time to come into being.

On the other sewing table of life, do you find that some makes spark into life with little or no warning?  Well, I had two of those this week.  I know!  There was the jersey that fell into the arms of its creator begging to be turned into trousers to help see her through MMM – you see their great creator had so far made far too many dresses and not enough practical wear.  All Black Forest Gateaux and not enough beans on toast.

There was also the little piece of black holey material that asked to be made into something subtle and lightweight – suitable for the only sunny day of the week that the maker had to spend at work.

Do you remember about the strand of my MMM’12 pledge that promised that if I made anything new I would try to incorporate a technique that was new to me.  Well, after the crochet collar catastrophe the only way was up.  I’ve four triumphs to report:

  • The concealed zip foot that very neatly does just what it says on the little bit of packaging
  • The picot edge foot that’s helped me make a passable hem to my skirt lining, with more experience I think this could give a v. slick finish
  • A ballpoint needle – need another go at this as it worked but skippped stitches.  I suspect in my slap-dash manner I didn’t tighten the needle in correctly.  Still, no split seams after wearing.  Yet.
  • A vintage pattern used.  Well, I’m not sure that I can comfortably call this vintage as it’s from 1979 and I remember that year very well!

That’s about all from me for Week 3.  I leave you with these thoughts:  1) Have I rescued my self-drafted shift?  I can’t tell and the make has caused me so much angst I can’t bear to wear it just yet.  2) What do cats think about when they trash your workspace?
Keep MMM’12-ing! Px

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