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Success and failure – MMM’12- Week 2

Hello there.  The sun came out, the light was bright, I stepped out of the black and into some shorts.  If only at bedtime.

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Bit of a mixed week for me.  I had no idea just how much the weather influences what I sew and wear.  This week I had some great successes:  I re-worked two pairs of sleep shorts.  Quick fixes of turnover tops replaced with facings and a bit of fancy stitching.  There was also the grosgrain ribbon that added a vital few millimetres of length to the twin-bed dress.  I’m so cool I love sewing.

Then there was the crochet collar.

Oh my goodness the crochet collar.  Has a make ever made me feel quite this bad?  I abandoned the tri-colour trim in favour of a red DK that I whipped up.  I even wore it out in public.  There are so many ways in which this does not work.  The whole dress is now back in the cupboard awaiting further neckline tweaking.  Aargh!

Oh, and this re-fashioned dress (extreme right of yellow mobile) needs to be turned into a skirt.

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