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Revealing (the) Pyjamas

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Here they are!  My silky, shiny, slinky, slippy, slide-y, red, white and blue Patriotic Pyjamas.  Jubilee Jammies.  If you’re interested in my Jubilee Jammie Journey, you can read about it in my Pyjama Party Posts.  I’ve slept in nothing else since they were completed, surely a success in anyone’s book?  Talking of books, I’d recommend that DK sewing manual in the main picture as well everything in the pile of bedtime reading.

Really looking forward to reading Karen’s fabulous blog in the next few days to see what everyone else has made.  All together now “When’s the next Sewalong?”

Keep Sewing!

35 thoughts on “Revealing (the) Pyjamas

  1. Oh. My. God. How awesome are your pyjamas? They are so, so pretty. I love your books, too and the little slideshow. Do Polar Bears Get Lonely – what a great book title. Jubilee Jammies are to die for. The cute little bows… I think you’re all going to kill me with cuteness before the day is over.

  2. What a classic design. Just the right amount of blue, and I love the silky fabric choice. I am always looking for a good sewing book to add to my collection. Thanks!

    1. I don’t know if the slideshow is available in every theme, my WordPress ‘theme’ is called Structure. I add a slideshow this way, there may well be more efficient ways!
      1) When you add an image into your post a call-out box appears. Follow the instructions for adding the image and when that’s done the image will appear in your post. WordPress will have also stored in the image in a Gallery. You can access this gallery using the tab menu that appears at the top of the iamge call-out box.
      2) Go to the the little camera button and click on it as if you going to add another image. Instead of doing that look for the Gallery tab at the top.
      3) When you are in the Gallery tab area , look at the bottom for the ‘Insert gallery’ (the images side by side) and the ‘Insert slideshow’ options.

      I do find that I tend to add a load of images, ponder for bit, edit a few out and sometimes leave one image, or a slideshow or a gallery.

      Hope that makes sense!

  3. Wow, i really like your jubilee jammies! Well done! Mine was so boring… Yours makes me want to give PJs another go. 🙂

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