Liberty trees of blue · Vogue 1739

Liberty trees of blue

Having ‘finished’ this version of Vogue 1739 4 days ago, today was its first outing.  *Smiles smugly*.  However, on donning said item I viewed with heavy heart the lining peeking out from beneath the hem each time I bent forwards.  No idea of the technical term but there’s also lining leakage in the shoulder seam/arm hole area.  S’funny how this problem, that I noted with interest when I ‘finished’, didn’t disappear whilst the dress hung up in the wardrobe awaiting its debut.  Might be alright after it’s hung for a bit thought I optimistically.    Yeah, right.

The lining was languishing in the bottom of a charity shop remnants box.  It’s a slippery, shiny, fraying nightmare of a fabric with which the lady who took my money wished me luck.  I think her actual words might have been along the lines of “That’ll be a blighter to work with”.  To which of course I cheerily replied “But it’s such a darling colour”.  And it is a lovely buttery, golden hue. However, HOWEVER, is slips, slides and stretches and I am wondering if I will ever tame the blessed thing.

So negative you say.  What do I like about this make?  I adore the Liberty fabric.  This was rustled up from a valued 1m of lawn acquired in their January sale.  The blue hues match my slightly melancholic mood whilst the tree/leaf/flower print is adding in an other-worldy wood nymph vibe.  Every picture that I’ve taken today is out-of-focus which might just be the phrase to define my day.  Humph!

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