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One link leading to another and discovering…


Oonaballoona from Kalkatroona:  A sewing star of celestial proportion.  One of those folks who are able to radiate warmth and energy using just thought and text and screen.  The link that laid me at the feet of O from K was The Sewcialists who have declared July 2014 as Oonapalooza Time.  Here’s their First Roundup.  Cool hey?

What did I make that could possibly reflect even a tiny proportion of Oonaballoona’s infectious joie de vivre?

I made this jersey dress (#114) from Burda Style 02/2013.  Which I’ve had a bash at before.  It’s fashioned in a multicoloured mosaic print from Stone Fabrics.  Boy is this fabric bright.  Your husband musing ‘that’s a bit bright’ kind of bright.  Tennis ball bright.


Hi-Vis jacket bright.  I can just about carry it off.


IMG_3121Whilst I love the draped front I’m not sure that I’d do battle with this particular pattern again.  There was a point during construction where I thought that the only way that that droopy drape would stay put was if I staple-gunned it to my sternum.  Thankfully, after some experimental hacking, tinkering and top-stitching I was able to PUT AWAY the staple-gun.  Whew!

How about you, will you dip your toe into the #Oonapalooza pool?



18 thoughts on “One link leading to another and discovering…

  1. I WANT THAT FABRIC!!!!! So bright, and so awesome. Your dress looks great! Thanks for joining in Oonapalooza! 😉 Did you put your pics in the flickr group so they will be in the next round-up?

  2. Wow, Penny that is a great dress, like the jolly pattern! I Seeing your posts makes me wish I could sew! Anyway, thank you for sharing photos of your creations and I hope you are well. Samina

  3. aha! found you! I LOVE THIS DRESS!!!! holy cow, that print!

    i’m blushing over that first paragraph, and if you’re trying to reflect my mojo, well then consider me at core of the sun level, because this dress is everything.

  4. Hahaha staple gunning to your sternum! – Don’t do it, but I can relate to that kind of frustration! This dress was definitely worth it. I love the colours and it looks very comfortable for the summer.

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