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My Jungle has Birds and Butterflies

Woo Hoo!  It’s time for Jungle January 2014 hosted by the Amazing Anne of Pretty Grievances.  My first entry for your consideration is (drum roll please)…


Style  4844, Size 12, Bust 34, 1974, View 3.  View 3 required the use of one of the weirdest pattern pieces I have yet come across, this armhole facing:


Which after some pretty serious origami looked like this:


Not the neatest of finishes I’m sure you’ll agree. Which means I felt the need to fashion butterfly bows/bow butterflies to hide the mess.

I also added buttons to the folded back facings as there is no way they’ll stay put without help.  They may also require remedial herringbone stitching as the underarm sections flip out most unpleasantly.

What I love about this pattern is how the shawl collar shape is created by long darts in both the shirt and the facing.  I also love the cotton sateen birds and butterflies.  What I’m not so sure of is the overall shape on me.   The ‘extended shoulder line’ (this is the pattern envelope speaking not me) extends me where I’m not particularly in need of extending, I have pretty broad shoulders anyways. The overall effect is bit…

“Hello, my name is Penny and I will be your Wine Waiter for today.”

And one of those butterfly-bows was eaten by the washing machine on its first go through.  I suspect it’s buried deep in the mechanism as it has yet to materialise.  I guess we all have to sacrifice a little something to the gods of domestic appliances now and then.

“Sir, Madam, red or white today?”

13 thoughts on “My Jungle has Birds and Butterflies

  1. Hello. I really like the broad shoulders on you. It is a very 40s reminiscent silhouette. I also really like how you used the pattern as the accent with a neutral bodice.

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