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I wear a fez now,

fezzes are cool.  Oh, and a bow tie.  Bow ties are cool.


And a dress.  Dresses are cool.  This dress being an edited version of Simplicity 5803, view 1.  I drafted a skirt section and added armhole facings to the neck facings to make it sleeveless.



Two new (to me) stitches were employed.  I forgot to cut the back facing on a fold so I had to graft my two halves together using a ‘joining stitch’.  Pretty pleased with the result, although this photo does also showcase my slap-dash overcasting:


And.. I used herringbone stitch on my hand-stitched hem.  Pretty pleased with that too, I hope it holds.


The bow tie pattern is courtesy of Miss P, the fabric is Liberty Carline .  I made some mis-calculation with my neck measurement so I can’t currently wear this on my neck…  Apart from that, I like muchly.

The fez was appropriated from my son.  Together they look like this:


What does it look like on me?  If only I could show you.  Here are the results of a few experiments with the camera balanced at various locations around the garden:

Yeah.  Maybe I should get to grips with the timer and the tripod.

The reason for creating such an outfit?  The Day of the Doctor 23.11.13.  Can.  Not.  Wait.

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