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Nothing in the autumn schedule but repeats

Not just pattern repeats but fabric repeats too.  This Burda top  in the fabric that I had leftover from Vogue 7799.  Love the fabric, love the gathered raglan sleeves.  Cannot get a neat neckline finish.

Burda 02/2013 #126
Burda 02/2013 #126

And Vogue 7799 in fabric I had leftover from one of my firsts attempts at jammies and vest.  A pink, elongated version of View A, something I had tried to do on a previous occasion (the dress of ultimate dorkdom).  This version has made it out of the house!

pretty good colour matching on that button , even if I do say so myself
pretty good colour matching on that button , even if I do say so myself

OK, I do have to confess to telling a tiny porky pie, I have made up one new pattern:  Burda 7791, in some thick, black knit.  The fabric was cheap as* probably because it sheds fluff like flip.  Easy peasy construction.  One.  Pattern. Piece.  I made the size 10, based not on any measurements on the pattern piece or the pattern envelope but by comparison with some ready-to-wear yoga pants.  The full-length version would be too short on most folks because I haven’t hemmed these (what a slacker) and they’re about right on little old me.

I don’t know about the autumn schedule, but my wardrobe it certainly repeating itself, seemingly by stealth.  I’m not quite sure how I’ve ended up wearing so much knit.  I mean I’ve lived through the leggings and t-shirt/tunic top thing once already.  My defence being that the first time around it was the 1980s and I was out of doors in all weathers measuring and counting rocks, plants and beasties.  I didn’t study at CERN, there wasn’t any Internet to speak of, we barely had email, you had to make your own entertainment.  Let’s just say that it was (very) muddy biology, I was a muddy biologist.  Jersey was practical.  In my mind you see, it’s not just the worry that I’ve done this particular trend before and it makes me feel a little mutton dressed as*, it’s the worry that I will one day think it perfectly appropriate to pitch up at the school gate in a onesie.  I mean there’s practical and then there’s my friends staging a clothing based intervention.

One last thing.  Sweet peas and strawberries in October.  Weird as.*

*  Did I get away with that teen speak?  Can’t quite bring myself to say it out loud…

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