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Not one for the purists

Is this cheating? Is this the sewing equivalent of a packet of cake mix? I’m going out on a limb here, I say not. I say that there is still room for a pinch of the personal, a dash of the different, a hint of the handmade. What am I talking about? My present to myself,

a present from me to me
a present from me to me

some clothkits cropped trousers
Now, they don’t come cheap. But…if you trace off the pieces before you cut, you’ve got yourself a pattern and suddenly the price seems more reasonable.

I made the size 12 and with judicious slimming of the bum seams they neatly fit my 38 inch hips.  Now, you know by now that I cannot let anything alone. So. Where did I stray from the ‘structions?

Now you see me...
Now you see me…

I turned the bias binding waist finish to the outside and fancy top-stitched it. I also added a lining, in the last two weeks of ‘what passes for a heat wave in England’ I’ve seen enough knickers showing through clothing to last me a lifetime. No person needs to see my undergarments.
I’m loving those side waist darts, can you see them?


Dear maker! Chickens on my cheeks.
Dear maker! Chickens on my cheeks.
Handlebar moustache?
Handlebar moustache?

Remember I mentioned about effectively getting a pattern free? Well, my first bonus pair I made in parched lawn beige:


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