Crafty Queue

crafty queue

You know how it is, the moment you salute the spontaneity and serendipity in your sewing is the exact same moment that you suddenly develop an overwhelming desire to produce a precise and purposefully plan.  I therefore rather sheepishly present the latest Crafty Queue:

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Can I also ask a question?  Is there a difference between jeans and trousers made from denim?



2 thoughts on “crafty queue

  1. That’s a very philosophical question! I would argue yes, there is… For example: I would (and have) worn denim trousers to work, but I wouldn’t wear jeans…

    1. My good and clever friend I too would argue yes! I’m sure that at a place that I once worked (insert knowing wink here) there was a ‘no jeans’ policy. Whereas denim trousers can be jolly smart and would have been (and were) most appropriate. For my trousers/jeans I’m thinking side zip, medium leg, decorative buttons at the front and embroidered/fancy patch pockets at the back. Mostly I’m thinking that if I tell myself that they are trousers of denim I’m not going to have to spend three weeks doing something clever with the seams. Or scarier still – rivets on the pockets. It’s not like I’m going to be entering a rodeo any time soon :-))

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